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2-year update of my ICL eye surgery experience

2 years ago I did vision surgery using the ICL method. You can read all about it here.

I am happy to report that my vision is still very sharp and I have little to no discomfort in daily life - and a lot of comfort due to the lack of any kind of lenses or glasses!

Though, I have over time noticed a few vision artifacts that do bother me a bit. The most annoying one is the new way that light spreads throughout the eye when it enters at a 90-degree angle - for example, if I’m sitting in an office with my side to a window, and the sun peeks in. I don’t remember it being more than a mild annoyance before, but with the extra lense in the eye I believe the light spreads a lot more somehow, resulting in discomfort.

Another thing is night driving. When the weather conditions are good, even facing strong headlights I can still make out enough to see my way, but the light spreading in the plastic lense does cause a loss of contrast, and when night driving is compounded with rain and fog, it gets pretty bad and I try to avoid driving in such conditions now.

I’ve found that the situation bringing out the halos mentioned in the previous post the most is candle-lit dinners. You do get used to it, but it is kind of annoying to be brought out of the moment by the return of the halos I often haven’t really noticed for days.

Still, even with the caveats above, I would do it again in a heartbeat. The quality of life improvement of never having to bother with glasses or lenses that get very uncomfortable late at night is worth all of it and more.

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Published 25 Feb 2019